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Selling Your Collection

Selling your comics can be a confusing and intimidating process.  The advice below may help you realize hundreds or even thousands more for your collection when the time comes to sell.

Whom to trust (and as importantly whom not to trust) can be very difficult for a seller to decide.  Some sellers just pick the closest comic store as the place to sell their books.  Others just randomly pick from the dozens of advertisers in the Overstreet Price Guide (all of whom promise to pay more than the guy on the next page).  Others bring their books to a convention and sell to dealers there.

None of these are wrong but they almost always expose you, the seller, to what we call call the trap of the one-trick pony. 

What most sellers don't understand (and many comic dealers don't either) is that there is not one market for comics.  There are many.  Some comics sell for more in a store than they would online or at a convention.  Conversely others do better at a show.  Others in an online auction.  And so on. 

The reality is that most comic dealers only have real experience in one or maybe two of those marketplaces.

If you sell to one of those dealers many of your books are going to be undervalued as a result and you'll have fallen into the trap of selling to a dealer who is a "one trick pony". 

That's because even the most honest dealer is going to base his or her offer on the amount that he or she thinks your books can be sold for at retail.   

Buyers like Victory Comics help you escape the trap of the one trick pony. 

Because we have a brick and mortar store, an active and established convention presence, and our own website, in addition to relationships with the most successful online sales and auction sites, we can market books in the venues where experience shows they will be the most successful.  That means large parts of your collection won't be undervalued because we are not limited to selling in only one or two of the comic markets that exist. 

Victory Comics also have extensive experience with consigned collections -- an approach that can mean many more dollars in your pocket if it's appropriate for your collection and circumstances.

Are there other dealers besides Victory Comics who can also provide you with a fair and honest offer and help you avoid the trap of the one-trick pony?  You bet there are.  And we are happy to provide you with our recommendations if you give us a call.  We won't bad mouth anyone but we will tell you to whom we would sell to if we weren't here. 

To whomever you sell make sure you are dealing with someone who has experience with the type of material you are selling.  For instance suppose you find a bunch of old comics in the attic from the 1940s (or 1950s  1960s 1970s).  You then walk into your local comic store and the oldest book they have for sale is from three months ago.  Immediately turn around and walk out.  There is absolutely no way you are going to get the best price for your books by selling to them.  

Victory Comics is happy to provide advice to sellers on an individualized basis.

We are available to look over collections through appointment only.
Please give us a call or drop us an email at!