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Selling Your Collection

Why Choose Victory?

Selling your comics can be a confusing and intimidating process.

Whom to trust (and, as importantly, whom not to trust) can be very difficult for a seller to decide. Some people simply pick their closest comic store as the place to sell their books. Others randomly pick from the dozens of advertisers in the Overstreet Price Guide (all of whom promise to pay more than the guy on the next page). Still others bring their books to a convention and sell to dealers there.

None of these are wrong, but they can expose you, the seller, to having your books undervalued.

What most sellers don't understand (and what many comic dealers don't either) is that there is no one market for comics. There are many. Some comics sell for more in a store than they would online or at a convention. Conversely, others do better at a show. Still others in an online auction. And so on.

Most comic buyers only have real experience in one or maybe two of those marketplaces.

If you sell to one of those dealers, many of your books are going to be undervalued as a result and you'll have fallen into the trap of selling to a dealer who is what we call a "one trick pony." Even the most honest of these dealers are going to base their offer on the amount that they think your books can be sold for in their limited experience.

Buyers like Victory Comics help you escape the trap of the one trick pony.

Because we have a brick and mortar store, an established convention presence and an active online presence, in addition to relationships with the most successful online sales and auction sites, we can market books in venues where experience shows they will be most successful. As a result, your collection won't be undervalued because we are not limited to selling in only one or two of the comic markets that exist.

Ready to sell your collection? Read on to see our general guidelines on what we can and can not appraise.

What do we buy?

1) Comics--Golden Age to Modern
2) Magic: the Gathering and Pokemon cards
3) Action Figures
4) Graphic Novels and Manga
5) Pop culture memorabilia
6) Tabletop minatures and games

Have something not on this list? Shoot us an email at! We're happy to tell you if we're interested.

What do we NOT buy?

Victory Comics is happy to take a look at most memorabilia. However, there are a few things that we do not usually buy.

1) Sports Cards/Memorabilia
2) Yu-Gi-Oh Cards
3) Film/DVDs/VHS/CDs
4) Video Games of any kind
5) Most trading cards
6) Most prose books

If your collection is made up of these items, you're welcome to send us an email, but we are likely to tell you that you'll need to find another retailer who specializes in these particular items.

How does it work?

After you send us an email, you'll either set an appointment with our appraiser or get the go-ahead to drop your collection off at at our brick and mortar store. If you drop your collection off, be advised that it can take us up to a few weeks for us to get through your collection and get in contact with you. If there is some kind of imminent deadline (such as if you're moving), let us know when you drop it off.

After we're done appraising your collection, we'll make you an offer. If you wish to accept our offer, we'll make payment to you at that point. If not, you're welcome to come pick up your collection any time that the store is open.

Please do NOT drop off any collection without getting in contact with us by email first. We have limited space and we want to ensure that we can safely store all the collections that are entrusted to us for appraisal.

We look forward to hearing from you about your collection!
Please send your inquiry by email to!